Real Inclusion

In 2018, Tropical Arts had been working for 10 years, developing a unique way of making theatre with large diverse casts in Cairns and Far North Queensland.  Our Inclusion Practices had been sitting within the ethical leadership of the organisation, with individuals, but were only vaguely understood from the outside, had not previously been cemented into the core structure of the organisation and could not be easily promoted to either gain further sustainability for Tropical Arts, nor to benefit the sector or the people who had worked to develop the methodology.  For these reasons, Avril Duck, Artistic Director & co-founder of Tropical Arts and the current President, Velvet Eldred, resolved to formalise the legacy of 10 years of work by evaluating the 2018 production of “Twelfth Night”. This evaluation project is called REAL INCLUSION.

Real Inclusion has had 3 phases so far:

  1. Early 2018 Conceptualise and structure (self-funded)
  2. Aug-Dec 2018 Real Inclusion – Creatives (funded by RAF)
  3. Feb- May 2019 Real Inclusion – Stage 3 (funded by RADF)

This page will be updated when report is finalised.

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