Who we are

Pathways to possibilities through socially inclusive theatre

Tropical Arts is a community theatre company that places the collaborative theatre making process at the centre of its mission.

Tropical Arts provides opportunities for anyone to participate in theatre making, whether a professional actor, experienced amateur, student, first timers to the stage, visual artists, musicians, or keen community members who want to assist in all production aspects.  A not-for profit community theatre group based in Cairns (Queensland), Tropical Arts is an organisation that prides itself on community engagement through the medium of theatre production.

By using creative communication strategies and the skills learned with theatre training, Tropical Arts provides a safe space for people to connect and create.  Honoring humans sovereign rights and their willingness to be included, Tropical Arts is a place to practise humanity and ensures that individuals potential can be harnessed with a human centred design approach.  This passion is then shaped into the “Shakespeare at the Tanks” production, presented annually in October at the Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns.

Diversity is our aesthetic, while storytelling is the motivation.  Valuing care of each member and placing social inclusion at the heart of all programs results in a sense of belonging and a willingness for anyone to participate at whatever their capacity.


  • Theatre production
  • Tailored performances for festivals and events
  • Social inclusive community practice
  • Skills development through theatre workshops
  • Community, collaborative storytelling
  • Cultural Awareness training for social inclusion
  • Theatre skills for communication Workshop
  • “Being Human”- using theatre for English language learning program
  • Public speaking – sharing the “Real Inclusion” model
  • NDIS compatible programs

Welcome to Tropical Arts