2014 – This Year’s Show is…..

Over the Christmas and New Year break, Tropical Arts’ members and many others interested, who enjoy our work, continued to ask THE question, “What’s next??”  Many suggestions were made, both in formal feedback sessions and social conversation.  The list was long, including one of the most popular requests – the famous Scottish Play – (I’m not sitting in a theatre now, so I may avoid various curses and type,) “Macbeth”.  “Othello” always got a mention with Warren Clements in the same breath, and “Twelfth Night”, “The Merry Wives of Windsor” amongst other comedies and histories – so the same dilemma arose – how do we make this call?  Do we need to do Shakespeare at all?  What about the wonderful “Star Wars by William Shakespeare”? or just a Dr Who version of anything would be fine…. such is our eclectic mix of madness at Tropical Arts… how do we make the decision?  And our community said, basically, collectively, “I just want to be in it!”

As nobody else was seen putting their cap in the ring to Direct the next production, it seemed that the final suggestion to the Tropical Arts Committee would fall to me.  So it was imperative that I think it through for myself too – and here’s what I came to:

  1. It should be Shakespeare to build on community anticipation.
  2. And anyway, Shakespeare is great for diversity, self expression and Humanity
  3. Should be a comedy – I’m personally not sure (yet) about how to direct kids in the kinds of tragedies Shakespeare writes.
  4. Should be more well known – tends to do better at box office.

For this reason, “Much Ado About Nothing” was high on my list.  And then, I had a discussion with our recyle nut designer, Ruby Boussard and she mentioned in passing a desire to make dragons.  Well, that was it – Benedick and Beatrice a definately dragons!  So there we have it folks, it’s been approved by the committee…


Get on board!

See you in workshops and rehearsal, backstage or in the audience!


All’s Well that Ends Well


Epic romantic comedy – photo by Matt Bond Photography

The 6th annual SHAKESPEARE AT THE TANKS: “It’s an epic journey for love” says Director, Avril Duck, “but it’s madcap and full of dubious motives and uncomfortable clinches.”

The Tanks Arts Centre, Tank 3, Collins Ave Edge Hill 4870
$12 | $ 15 | $ 20 | $25
At the door & at http://www.ticketlink.com.au 1300 855 835
EVENING PERFORMANCES 18, 19, 24, 25 & 26 October
TIMES 6.30 pm to 9pm including interval.
Bar open from 6pm
MATTINEE PERFORMANCE 22, 23 & 26 October
TIMES 11.00 am to 1.30 pm including interval.

Featuring: Amelia Pegrum as Helena, Jesse Cook as Bertram, Warren Clements as the King of France, Sarah Urquhart as The Countess of Rousillon, Zelda Grimshaw as Parolles, Kevin West as Lord Lafeu, Velvet Eldred as the Widow of Florence, Heidi Davies and Mike Gleed as the split Clown and others include Douglas Robins, Dez Green, Alicia Jamieson, the Tropical Arts’ Children’s Ensemble and ARC Ensemble, Song Connection members and many more talented community actors. Keep tuned for the full cast list!

Notices Notices Notices

Hi all!  Grant writing frenzy at the moment – but I thought it wise to quickly divert my attention to this Tropical Arts blog site to let you know that we have solid dates now for our production….

Tuesday the 15/10/2013 is our dress rehearsal (also preview) and

Saturday the 26/10/2013 is final performance

Stay tuned for the details…

Also – see the post immediately below for our ensemble training… bookings coming thick and fast, please confirm your place.  Workshop participants are definately hot favourites for roles in ensembles!

Also – working on two pieces for the FNQATA One Act Play Festival at Malanda on the weekend 26-28 April – that’s soon!  Who’s keen to come and support us?  We are also still looking for a performer for one play.  First time Director, Douglas Robins has opened it up – any one of any gender or age (if underage, with parental permission) or persuasion may apply – inclusive approach!

Also, Theatre of Exchanges workshops, Lead by Willem Brugman (0434 594 674) are still on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings – food for the performer with a wish to access deeper aspects.


Tropical Arts – pathways into theatre…

All’s Well that End’s Well

This year we have decided to tackle another, slightly “lesser known” comedy, with a title that has become a part of the lexicon.  “All’s Well that End’s Well” is about the folly of youth, the frustration of age and the triumph of commitment (or perhaps obsessive persistance/underserved love?).  Well, at least that’s how we begin…

I have attached the full script in a format you may be able to print out – otherwise go to http://shakespeare.mit.edu/allswell/full.html this link and download onto your Ipad or tablet to save trees.

Have a read.  See what you think..



All’s Well.. Entire Play

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – The Final Word

At the close of 2012, Tropical Arts Association Inc has had an AGM, Christmas Party and we are now awaiting the DVD of our production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  The show was very well recieved by our audiences and it was the largest and most ambitious so far in terms of cast and partners.  There were up to 85 in the cast (varied from night to night!) aged from 4-74 with 12 paid professionals, 25+ school students, 22+ performers with a disability and a great range of talented community actors.  Backstage was just as diverse and exciting.

Tanks Arts Centre, Song Connection and ARC Disability services came along with us for the ride and we made sure there was a place for almost everyone who showed up, no matter how close to the production.  Please enjoy the photographs to see just how colourful and happening it was.

Have a safe festive season and see you next year…Cheers  AvrilHelena and Hermia argument

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Shakespeare at the Tanks 2012 -A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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