Measure for Measure

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Shakespeare holds the mirror to morality and immorality, power and innocence, truth and deception, honour and dishonour, love and rejection in “Measure for Measure”.

Measure for Measure

A Tropical Manga adaptation of Shakespeare’s darkly comic work.

This highly acclaimed Tropical Manga adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’ featured layers of continuously evolving tableaux forming a moving background to the foregrounded scenes.  A diverse cast of Manga characters inhabited the cavernous interior of Tank 3 – creating a spectacular world for Shakespeare’s morally challenging story.

The production reflected the diverse tropical location, communities and lifestyles of the Far North.  It was inclusive arts practice at its best.  The cast and crew were drawn from international seasoned professionals, students, drama teachers, children and enthusiastic community actors with varying levels of experience who share a passion for the performing arts.


Measure for Measure
Art by Christopher-Jay McNamee

Guillaume ‘Willem’ Brugman
Warren Clements
Catherine Hassall
Kara Ross
Brett Walsh
Heidi Davies
Velvet Eldred
Kevin West
Matt Kerr
Kirsten Lovett
Selena Jade Brown
Neil Ferrero
Richard Irwin
Marianne Buchanan McNamee
Dez Green
Emma Casey
Mathew Rundell
Ellie Prior
Sara White
Brent Rogers
and children’s ensemble with Patrick Clements(15), Gaia London(13), Jude Lee(12), Tenzin Eldred(10), Jacqui Lee(9), Luke London(8), Aaliyah Clements(8), Michael Brownlee (6), Maya Thiango Hassall (6) and Sheniqwa Clements(4).

Acknowledgement: Poster Art by Christopher-Jay McNamee

Warren Clements as Angelo, Heidi Davies as Marianna, Neil Ferrero as Provost
Warren Clements as Angelo

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